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  1. Discovery

    Keyword Research
    5 Topics
  2. On-page SEO Review + Optimization
    6 Topics
  3. Website Review
    7 Topics
  4. Google My Business Setup / Review
    5 Topics
  5. Local Listing + Strategy
    5 Topics
  6. Reach
    Setup Email Marketing Tool
    4 Topics
  7. Integration with Website
    3 Topics
  8. Adding Website Widget / Call out to collect emails
    3 Topics
  9. Testing the system (Making sure it all works as expected!)
    5 Topics
  10. Start collecting emails or add emails from your previous lists
    3 Topics
  11. Run your first email campaign!
    5 Topics
  12. Influence
    Setup or Review Social Media Accounts
    2 Topics
  13. Ensure Consistency in name / logo / URL / tag across all platforms
  14. Develop your Hashtag
  15. Collect and organize your photos / images
  16. Create a content strategy & Schedule
    5 Topics
  17. Review Data (but don't give up!)
    2 Topics
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Setup Search Engine Optimization Plugin / Widget

Adam June 7, 2021
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They’re out there…searching.

For every task, there’s a tool. Almost everything you need to manage your digital marketing is available on the internet. Luckily, we’ve compiled many of these tools for you to save you time and hassle looking for them yourself. Your website needs a tool for helping to evaluate and analyze your SEO. Certain tools integrate with specific website platforms–the tool you need will depend upon the platform you’re using.

For WordPress, there’s a popular SEO plugin called Yoast. They offer a free version to help you get started.

For Wix, they offer a range of SEO tools within the Wix App market. Members can access the marketplace to decide which tools to use, usually for an additional cost.

For Squarespace, there are also SEO tools made available to members. Again, these are intended to integrate with the platform and your website.

Once you’ve done some research on generating content, it will be easier to manage your website SEO.