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Entrepreneurs often struggle to know where and how to spend money on marketing. Do-it-yourself solutions like using a website builder, email marketing applications, and social media are typically cheaper options than hiring a full-scale digital agency. But without a cohesive strategy–and without the skills to fully leverage these tools- the odds of success are small. 

Between doing it by yourself and hiring a big budget agency, is there a good third option? Luckily, we’ve created it for you.

Learn the basics.

Start by understanding the basics of digital marketing. It’s easy with our Digital Bootcamp.

Work with a coach.

Receive guidance and support from a digital expert. Track your progress while applying your knowledge.

Craft your strategy.

Get a customized, 90 Day Action Plan to optimize your web presence. Step-by-step guidance keeps you on task and on track.

Get going quickly.

Work with one of our select partners to get affordable, holistic support for website design, SEO, email marketing, social media, and more.


You’ll get all the knowledge you need to move forward with your digital presence.

All members get access to the digital bootcamp. This self-guided learning process helps demystify SEO and other concepts while helping build a comprehensive framework for your digital strategy. It offers the fundamentals to being discovered by potential customers, along with capturing and retaining their interest while expanding your reach across  social media and other channels. It breaks down terms, concepts, and highlights low-cost marketing methods in a simple, fun, and engaging format. 

90 Day
Fast Track

A customized action plan that helps you create an effective digital marketing strategy.

The 90 Day Fast Track is available to all members. This intense, but straightforward process builds upon the concepts of the Digital Bootcamp by providing daily and weekly steps for implementing your digital strategy quickly and effectively. It offers focus and clarity on decisions such as choosing the right website platform, identifying keywords, defining a content strategy, capturing leads, and much more. Members can choose to work on the 90 Day Fast Track independently or with a Community Group for added accountability. 


Connect with other members to share ideas, collaborate and strategize. 

Memberships are best experienced when working with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. To start, groups are established in one of two ways. Members can connect in a cohort during the Digital Bootcamp. They can also be placed in affinity groups based on the type of business. For example, a business that sells skin cream and a business that sells makeup would be placed in a Health & Beauty group. This promotes sharing ideas and the potential for collaboration, which can help both businesses become more successful. All members can also connect in our community forums. 


Gain the edge you need in today’s rapidly evolving digital world.

Digital Coaching is available to both Hustle Hard and Next Level members. HH members get to work with Digital Coaches as part of their Community Group, while NL members receive one-on-one full service support for all of their digital marketing needs. This provides a flexible way for both those who prefer a Do-It-Yourself approach and those who want a simple all-in-one solution to receive the right guidance at an affordable price. To learn more, visit our Frequently Asked Questions section and refer to pricing.

Partners that are exceptional,
handpicked by us
and rooting for you.

We work hard to provide members with exceptional vendors that are supportive, knowledgeable, caring and fully invested. Whether you’re a local restaurant, provide a service, or run an e-commerce business– we’ve handpicked partners than can customize solutions based on your needs. No matter if you’re a small business, a microbusiness, or a solopreneur. Everyone deserves to have someone rooting for their success. 

We love Entrepreneur Support Organisations

Beyond core training.

Our products build upon core training programs offered by most ESOs. We equip entrepreneurs for sustainability once core training commences.

Holistic approach.

Our holistic approach to digital marketing is exactly what's missing in the advancement of digital equity, particularly for BIPOC entrepreneurs.

Seamless integration.

The flexibility of our model allows for easy integration with a wide range of program offerings. We work with organizations of all sizes.

Growth at every stage.

We provide expert knowledge and guidance both to ESOs and their clients to foster growth and achieve greater value.

There are now hundreds of Entrepreneur Support Organizations (ESOs) across the country offering technical assistance to BIPOC entrepreneurs. We partner with those organizations to support entrepreneurs on the next big stages of their journey. By focusing on closing the tech gap, we empower entrepreneurs to fully leverage all the tools of the digital economy. We believe this creates a more vibrant and inclusive marketplace. 

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We’re promoting grassroots economics and bridging the digital divide for entrepreneurs from every walk of life. 

Testimonials: What
entrepreneurs say about us.

“I really appreciate the that there are weekly check-ins, along with the online community groups and weekly assignments. The combination of all three helps to keep us accountable.”
~ Ms P's Gluten Free
“It’s been mind blowing to examine our website and online presence—to understand how our brand is positioned next to others out there has been really enlightening.”
~ RestoreWithHydro
“The bootcamp is structured for all the pieces to come together. Each weekly lesson builds upon the last. I love it!”
~ Unity Alliance
"Grassroots entrepreneurship is the fabric of our society. Thanks to Gigroots for supporting entrepreneurs!"
~ CoStarters

Is Gigroots for you?
Here’s how you know...

You're just getting started.

You've recently taken some form of business training and want to get your digital marketing started on the right foot. Gigroots allows you to learn quickly and make a plan. You can take things at your own pace or accelerate your progress by working with a coach.

You're a developing microbusiness.

You're generating modest revenue from your business and want to make the transition to running the business full time. You'll need a comprehensive digital strategy to get you there. You need to manage workflow and hone your voice for engaging content.

You're a small business that needs guidance.

You're tired of wasting time and money on do-it-yourself solutions and seeing little progress. You know a coach can offer advice and tweak your strategy to be more sustainable and effective.

You're ready for the next step.

You're motivated to make the investment in a holistic approach to digital marketing. You've realized that your website, email marketing, social media and paid advertising all need to work together. You want to make smart decisions and work with the right team.

Membership Pricing

Our Starter Package and Hustle Hard memberships are optimal learning and coaching tools while ideal for those operating on a limited budget. Our Next Level membership provides an affordable option for those seeking a full website and digital marketing solution. As your business develops, we encourage a scalable approach and help you choose the right vendors for your business needs. 

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