Empowering Your Digital Journey. Harnessing the Power of Digital Expertise

Digital Coaching is available for both basic and premium members. Members connect monthly with a digital coach to receive guidance, feedback, and accountability.

Digital Roadmap members receive a customized action plan for implementing their digital strategy. For members who want more intensive coaching, upgraded plans are available.We believe that Digital Coaching offers the best way for our members to get the knowledge, expertise and skills they need along with the trust, guidance and accountability they want. Learn more about why this matters.

Discover an accessible and user-friendly solution to enhance your digital strategy without breaking the bank.

Coaching6-month track
Group Coaching
Pay per month
  • Includes monthly virtual coaching sessions
  • Group with others in similar industry
  • Membership is flexible. Cancel anytime.
Coaching12-month track
Roadmap Coaching
Pay per month
  • Includes monthly coaching
  • Access to digital bootcamp
  • Includes digital starter pack

Group Coaching is for you if…

You are looking for coaching support that is affordable, flexible, and allows you to connect with a small group of other entrepreneurs in similar industries.

You’re tired of spinning your wheels
You may be feeling stuck, but with our Digital Roadmap you can gain traction and move forward on your strategy.
You feel lost and unsure about which direction to go
You may know that you want to grow, but you feel like you’ve navigated off-course. Our Digital Roadmap can point to the signs ahead and give you direction.
You feel like the road ahead is long and the distance is looming
Just like a GPS, our Digital Roadmap helps you know how far you are from your destination and provides the optimal route for getting there.
You want to drive down the road with a supercharged engine
The Digital Roadmap not only outlines the path, but it puts fuel in your tank to make the engine of your business fire on all cylinders.

What to expect

There are lots of businesses out there that are seeking the next stage of growth. And we need greater diversity in the marketplace for our economy to thrive. Your pathway to success means a brighter future for all of us.

With so few businesses ever reaching the million dollar mark, we need a better solution for entrepreneurs to scale their digital operations and add to their bottom line. Wherever you are on your journey, our Digital Roadmap is designed to help you plan and prepare for growth. This is why the Digital Roadmap is a key component of our Trillion Dollar Mission.

Create a customized plan for growth by taking our digital assessment. Know your current issues and opportunities and design your goals.

Spend the first 90 days of your experience preparing to maximize your online potential. Set up your website, social media, and sales funnels to drive more traffic and activity. Budget and plan for online advertising while determining the best opportunities for driving results.

Once you’ve plan and prepared your business to fully leverage the right digital capabilities, begin executing the plan while working with a coach to help keep you on task and on track.