Noah Adair | Emmaus Ministries | Chicago, IL

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Noah Adair | Emmaus | Chicago, IL

Noah Adair is the Executive Director for Emmaus Ministries in Chicago, IL. Emmaus is a non-profit that fights sex trafficking and exploitation for the many homeless men and teens mostly scattered throughout the downtown and north sides of the city. The stigma surrounding male exploitation is what often prevents young men from seeking the help they want and need. 

The staff at Emmaus have a difficult task in front of them. As they mobilize volunteers for outreach in the streets, they’re teaching individuals to reject the stigma while affirming basic human dignity. Human dignity—that’s been a big topic of discussion for Noah and his team lately. In a city with a tough racial past, the current focus on the exploitation of black lives in particular has left those on the streets longing all the more for dignity and justice.


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