Monika Matthews Interview | QueenCare | Seattle, WA

Monika Matthews | Queencare | Seattle, WA

The COVID-19 is still going on, but only sort of…Suffice it to say, plenty more things have redirected our national attention in the meantime. Black Lives Matter is nothing new, neither is civil rights nor similar discussions around equity. Yet the most recent iteration perhaps demonstrates an acute awareness of just how short our collective attention span really is. When it comes to issues of race, perhaps there’s an elevated consciousness that we’re seeing unlike ever before. Which means that lots of folks are reaching for the spotlight in order to maximize the pathos of the moment. 

Meanwhile Monika Matthews of Queencare in Seattle has been doing the work. She will continue doing the work no matter what. And that’s the kind of day-in, day-out resiliency that we love to highlight here at GigRoots. 

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