Felicia Jackson | CPRWrap | Chattanooga, TN

Something that we don’t often think about in our day to day is what we would do during an emergency. 

Let’s suppose for a moment that your working from home during the pandemic (not much of a stretch, I know). Then a family member starts choking — what do you do? 

Well according to a 2018 survey, only about half of American adults know how to properly administer CPR. I for one am definitely on the other half of that equation. 

Well thanks to Felicia Jackson — you don’t have to become an expert in CPR in order to save a life. When Felicia came up with concept for a kind of template that overlays on to a person suffering from a life threatening situation, she knew that she was on to something. 

Her company, CPRWrap, has begun taking off like crazy. And it’s a good thing — because according to the American Heart Association, approximately 475,000 Americans die from cardiac arrest each year. 

Felicia is working to change that. But she’s also experiencing some growing pains as she looks to expand her business. 

From her home outside Chattanooga, Tennessee, Felicia shares the details of her journey. Take a listen. 

Links: https://cprwrap.com/

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