We uplift and celebrate marketplace diversity through bridging the gap between grassroots entrepreneurship and the growing digital economy.

More startups come from immigrants, women and people of color than anyone else. And many neighborhood-based businesses are microenterprises. Shopping micro means supporting grassroots economics and cultivating growth. Marketplace diversity brings more jobs to neighborhoods and creates more vibrant local communities.

More confidence to take on e-commerce.

We provide courses, tools and a network of digital marketing experts ready to assist you with gaining exposure to more customers online. There are also peer-learning groups that foster collaboration while building relationships. This in turn creates opportunities for partnership or other innovative strategies.  

The Microenterprise Ecosystem

There are now hundreds of programs that support micro-businesses across the country. We partner with those organizations to support entrepreneurs on the next big stages of their journey. By focusing on closing the tech gap, we empower entrepreneurs to fully leverage all the tools of e-commerce. 

Partnering with Entrepreneur Support Organizations.

Need to find an ESO?

Referred by an ESO?

If you’re connected to an existing Entrepreneur Support Organization (ESO), we’d like to welcome you! You may be receiving some form of technical assistance from an ESO, which offers you a great head start. What we love about ESO’s is their commitment to serving in local communities to create lasting impact. Be sure to invite other alums to join the GigRoots community. Need to find an ESO? You can search our directory.