Welcoming Twin Falls | Susie Rios | Alejandra Hernandez

Welcoming Twin Falls | GigRoots Podcast Welcoming America Series, pt. 2

Twins Falls, Idaho Is Growing Thanks to Latinx Surge. But It’s Hard Work Getting Ahead.

About the Episode:

Twin Falls, Idaho is home to the kind of companies associated with the health-conscious, outdoorsy crowd. After a day of skiing in the Sun Valley, one might hang up their Columbia brand sport coat and settle in with a Clif Bar and a cup of Chobani yogurt. Columbia sportswear, Clif Bar and Chobani are some of the major job providers in the region. As towns go, Twin Falls is relatively small, with a population just over fifty thousand. But it’s responsible for much of the economic output within southern Idaho’s increasingly popular Magic Valley. There’s also been a huge surge amidst Hispanics, which now comprise roughly thirteen percent of the population. Immigrant women struggle to get ahead, especially without the aid of other women who know how to navigate community life.

Key Topics:

  • Why is having a mentor so important for immigrants?
  • What does it take to integrate into a new community?
  • How does fear destroy racial progress?
  • How do immigrants take on more leadership roles?
  • When will Clif Bar come out with a less sugary snack? 🙂


Susie Rios | Statewide Outreach Director, Idaho Women’s Business Center

Alejandra Hernandez | Executive Director, Unity Alliance of Southern Idaho

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About the series:

During our third season, we’ve partnered with Welcoming America to help share the stories of foreign-born peoples who have come to call America home. Welcoming America is leading a national movement of cultivating inclusive communities. They work with non-profits and local governments, providing tools and resources to help make cities places where everyone can belong. Through their network, we’ve spoken with local leaders and business owners actively contributing to strengthening their communities.

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