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Welcoming Sioux City | Erica DeLeon | Jose Gonzalez

Welcoming Sioux City | GigRoots Podcast Welcoming America Series pt. 3

Protests Made Their Way to Many Quiet, Midwestern Towns. But There’s A Continued Disconnect Between Immigrants And People Of Color.

About the episode:

As we know, change happens slowly. The nation’s growing impatience in dealing with the pandemic exacerbates the issue. Minorities and immigrants, wearied from the generations-long battle for racial justice, were pushed to the brink upon seeing the news of George Floyd. Waves of protests and rioting cascaded from one major city to the next. Meanwhile, in small Midwest towns, much of life continued as on it always had. Only now—after many years of keep the status quo—there were enough people of a different skin tone to stand up and take notice. Erica DeLeon is the Director for OneSiouxLand, where she works to help everyone manage the changes, one day at a time.

Key Topics:

  • How many immigrants believe race is not an issue in the US?
  • What are ways to achieve overall ethnic solidarity?
  • What are the practical means to addressing economic disparities?
  • How are political paradigms shifting alongside changing demographics?
  • Should lack of minority and ethnic representation in government be the primary focus?


Erica DeLeon, Director of OneSiouxLand

Jose Gonzalez, Owner of Mi Familia Restaurant

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About the series:

During our third season, we’ve partnered with Welcoming America to help share the stories of foreign-born peoples who have come to call America home. Welcoming America is leading a national movement of cultivating inclusive communities. They work with non-profits and local governments, providing tools and resources to help make cities places where everyone can belong. Through their network, we’ve spoken with local leaders and business owners actively contributing to strengthening their communities.

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