Season Recap | 06.01.20 | The Struggle Continues…

In the first season of GigRoots, we’ve been speaking with entrepreneurs from all across the country about the effects of quarantine on their various endeavors. And of course every type of business is different. Just like each community has its own particular struggles, each entrepreneur deals with his or her own unique challenges. In some cases, the different aspects of a business can see contrasting results. 

The entrepreneurs on this podcast are seizing their own opportunities every single day. But that’s not enough. Equal opportunity needs to happen both through the fight for basic civil rights as well as the need for economic empowerment. As business owners, marginalized entrepreneurs have such incredible things to offer the world — we just have to be willing to hear their stories. 

Coretta Frazier | Professional Management Solutions |

Zora Dawson | IZB Naturals |

Cindy Beresford | The Rise Salon |



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