GigRoots Podcast Opener

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Welcome to the GigRoots Podcast. GigRoots tells the story of the grassroots economy in America. Across the country, entrepreneurs are working to make their dreams happen. But for many of them, the dream gets deferred by being marginalized. People of color, women immigrants and refugees—these individuals face a unique set of obstacles when building their businesses. Yet these same individuals are the real change makers in their own communities. And they generate more startups than anyone else in the nation. They are the shop owners, home-based businesses, microenterprises, freelancers, and side-hustlers of America. We talk a big game when it comes to opportunity. And we love a good rags-to-riches success story. But what about the journey in between? What about the daily struggles to get by? If we really want to bring back jobs and economic growth, we need to realize our greatest asset lies in the people who bring entrepreneurship to the foreground as a natural cultural expression. Their roots in the gig economy run deep. And they have incredible lessons to teach us all. This is GigRoots.

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