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Frequently Asked Questions

While every entrepreneur has a different journey, many have similar questions. Learn more below.

The basic difference between hiring a digital coach versus hiring a digital agency comes down to who does the work. A digital coach can help offer guidance on what decisions to make, but they don’t do the work for you. An agency will often do the work of developing your website, email marketing and so on. Coaches are often cheaper than agencies, and many entrepreneurs either can’t afford the cost of an agency or don’t know the right questions
to ask, leaving them to figure things out on their own. Gigroots helps to fill the gap between the DIY approach and the agency approach by empowering entrepreneurs to do the “cheap” elements effectively while streamlining the process of working with an agency, which ends up being less expensive as a result. This helps marketing agencies to offer faster, better solutions to small businesses, which in turn helps them grow quickly. It’s a win-win solution!
Courses vary in time lengths based on class format and the difficulty of the lesson’s content. The good news is that you can save your progress as you go-incomplete courses will still be there when you have the time to complete them.

Once you sign up for membership, you have immediate access to the Digital Bootcamp, 90 Day Fast Track, and Community Groups. We recommend starting with the Digital Bootcamp before jumping into the 90 Day Fast Track. The Digital Bootcamp is an online learning experience that breaks down the concepts of SEO, email marketing, sales funnels, paid advertising, content creation, and more. Lessons are divided into topics with quizzes, assignments and helpful videos. Each lesson typically takes 30-45 minutes to complete. You can choose to work at your own pace or with a Digital Coach (depending on your membership).

The Digital Bootcamp provides basic knowledge of the main elements of digital marketing, while the 90 Day Fast Track helps entrepreneurs to apply that knowledge quickly and effectively. This process typically begins with identifying the right web platform (eg. WordPress, SquareSpace, or Shopify). Different platforms have distinct advantages depending on the type of business. There are many steps involved with optimizing your website and establishing your online presence. It’s also important to consider integrating third-party applications, plug-ins, and other systems. The user experience is another big consideration, along with planning content and tracking metrics. As you can see–there’s many factors to consider! This is why having basic knowledge and working with a coach can be far more effective than figuring things out on your own.