Arianna Waller Interview | WallWay Technologies | Grand Rapids, MI

Not every startup is tech related, and not every starter is tech savvy. In fact, many microenterprises we interview on this show admit to struggling with how to leverage technology to benefit their business. Arianna Waller started Wallway Technologies because she noticed this was a big problem for many fledgling entrepreneurs, and she wanted to help. 

While her company helps solve for an array of tech issues, Arianna herself is out to address an even bigger issue. When it comes to the big names out there— Google, Facebook, Microsoft — women are few and far between. And women of color involved in tech startups that get funding from traditional channels— well, that’s even less. 

But Arianna’s positivity and tenacity are infectious. Between her podcast, entitled Women In Tech, and her company Wallway Technologies— Arianna seems to be making some headway.


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